What does a healthy relationship look like? I don’t know when to compromise and when to stand my ground. What if our needs conflict? If I need space and they need to be close, what happens? If they need to talk and I need to be alone, what gives?


Setting the scene

I was in an abusive relationship.
I stayed.
We are better now.
I still feel stuck.

All the info out there states that one should leave, that the only way to heal is by leaving. I don’t want to leave. I love, and I truly believe that things are better now. But I still behave like an abused woman. I am still afraid. I still avoid the emotional storms. What help is there for those of us who stay? How do I learn to be myself again, how do I let go of my fear?

Maybe if I write a blog, others will find it. Others with similar experiences. Others who have been there. Maybe I will learn.